10 Questions With Sun Deep

December 15, 2020

Another "10 Questions Interview" Session today! This time we will be diving into the World Hip-Hop genre! We had a great time interviewing today's artist. Check below our 10 questions with Sun Deep!

When did you start doing music and how was your childhood?

I started doing music only a few years back. My wife (then girlfriend) took me to "The Roots" concert. Before this, I did not like hip-hop music as much. I always thought the mainstream hiphop was just okay. Nothing to write home about. I listened to (still do) a lot of progressive rock and classic rock music. However, after seeing "The Roots" live, something changed in my thought process. I never listened to hip-hop that had a purpose. I remember the DJ of the group had a novation launchpad and I was mesmerized by the stuff he was doing with that. I ordered a midi keyboard during the break of the show. And the rest is history. My childhood was awesome. I grew up in a small town in Gujarat (India) called Bharuch. Life was great, good friends, good food. Music was always part of me since I was little. Grew up on lot of Bollywood music and films. Dancing was more of a passion when I was younger. I found out I could dance pretty well so did some talent shows and dance routines in school. I miss those school days a lot some days. Those awesome times have seeped into my music and I sometimes create nostalgic music.

What's the best thing you got from one of your parents?

Compassion is the best attribute passed on by my parents to me. They are some of the most genuine and compassionate people I have met. Everyone who knows them, loves them. They have no enemies in this world and I strive to be half the person they are individually.

What inspires you?

Creativity inspires me. I am someone who learned how to make music in the most non-traditional way. No classes, no teachers, just youtube videos on producing and doing it myself. I guess that is more of a norm now than it was before. I am someone who makes unique stuff and I am not bound by any rules for music making. So waking up everyday, knowing that today I will create something unique inspires me.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I am really striving for being a part of an independent record label. Or making a label of my own and spreading good music. It is harder for me to think about 5 years sometimes because I have a very niche genre I am working with. I am in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (USA) producing weird music and rapping in Hindi alongside my friend Drev who raps in English. So it is hard to gauge the public reception for it. So far we have gained some attention locally but nothing to go crazy over. I hope in 5 years we are still making incredible music and have the support to keep doing it for 5 more years to come.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

I have a long list of people I want to collaborate with. I really wanna collaborate with everyone from the Rhymsayers record. Especially Atmosphere, Aesop Rock, Evidence, Grieves etc. I also wanna collab with some of my favorite Indian artists. Namely, Prabh Deep and Brotha V.

What is your favourite song to perform?

Right now, my favorite song to perform is Winding Road. It is a song off of our EP we are working on called "The Getaway". The chill vibe of the song really resonates with me.

What's your favourite thing to do in your free time?

In my free time I like to hang out with the wife, play some video games or read (I need to read more than I do). I also like to make films but that takes as much of a precedence as music because I love creating art.

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

The best way to describe my music, both lyrical and instrumental tracks, is a movie. I usually have a lot of beat and emotion change in my music. I think of a musical piece as a movie, in which there are acts and every act has a different overarching emotion associated with it. So if you listen to some of my instrumentals, you will realize that it can stand on its own. You don't need lyrics to make you feel the emotion. There is always emotion in my music but that emotion can change in the same song and that is the uniqueness I bring to my music.

Name 3 things you want to achieve this year.

1. Keep making more music. Maybe a full length album 2. Perform live shows 3. Keep making short films.

What is one message you would give to your fans?

I put all my emotions in my music. Art being subjective, everyone will get something different out of my music but I guarantee you that you WILL feel a certain emotion with every piece of music I make.

Message from the artist.


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