How to Write a Great Musician Bio

Siahna Im
March 25, 2021

Whether you are a Grammy winning artist or a novice musician, you have a story. Of course your music may speak for itself, but people want to know the story behind the music. Your musician bio is the perfect opportunity to showcase yourself and your journey as an artist.

A solid bio that properly expresses who you are and why people should care is vital. This is usually the first thing that the media sees and when done correctly, shows that you are serious about your craft and passionate to communicate your message.

With that being said, here is Indiependency’s step-by-step guide on how to write a killer Musician Bio:

Introduction is Key

First and foremost, your bio should be in third-person. This is important for many reasons but specifically, when pitching your music, the media outlets can simply copy and paste your bio if needed.

Start off by talking about where you’re from, if that place had any influence on your music style, what/who got you started in music, etc. This is also a good place to describe your sound in your own words. Depict your musical aesthetic without too much comparison to other artists. Keep it engaging and concise. The introduction gives readers a quick look into your background… Everyone loves a good origin story.

Let’s get into the Facts

So, now that we’ve got the personal details down, let’s get into your experiences. Note the highlights of your music career so far. Did you collaborate with a well-known producer/ artist? Played at a reputable venue? Charted on a streaming service? You can talk a bit about your previous projects here as well.

Pick a few achievements and present them in a charming way, but stick to the facts. Don’t over embellish and keep it real. Be proud of all that you’ve done so far and excited for the future.

What’s next

Lastly, talk about what you have been up to and what listeners should be looking forward to. This is where you can share that you have a new track coming out, or an upcoming tour. If you’re not ready to announce anything specific quite yet, you can just say that you’re working on new original material to be released soon.

After reading your super awesome bio, readers will be enticed to know what’s next for you. So, let’s keep them excited.

Let’s recap:

  • Have an engaging introduction that is personal to who you are as an artist
  • Highlight the facts of what you've accomplished
  • Let them know what’s next
  • Keep it concise and sweet

That’s it! You now have the basic steps to creating one of the most essential tools as an artist.

If you need some inspiration, you can check out some bios of the musicians that we have worked with that we think rock here:  
Bill Hart
Haley Woolbright



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